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Are you Chasing Your Symptoms or Preventing Your Problems?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Using cannabinoids as preventative medicine

Medical cannabis has demonstrated its potential to provide relief to patients battling a wide

range of medical problems. However, a significant number of medical cannabis patients are not utilizing its benefits effectively. While some relief is experienced, there is much more that can be gained from this powerful plant. Whether you are new to cannabis or have extensive experience, finding the most effective relief requires a shift in approach.

The cannabis plant evolved to contain hundreds of compounds, each working in harmony to produce the most effective results. Understanding this synergy can help patients identify the products that work best for them. To maximize benefits, patients should seek products that mirror the natural plant and contain as many of these compounds as possible. Among the many compounds, THC and CBD stand out as the most crucial ones. They complement each other and work alongside the other compounds to provide the greatest benefits of cannabis.

“I’ll have a Chef Salad. Hold the, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, croutons, onions, peppers, salad dressing and I’ll just have the lettuce.”

Unfortunately, many medical cannabis patients tend to focus solely on THC's effects and overlook the potential of CBD and other compounds. This is partly due to the prevailing strategy of recommending products that contain only the "special" compound, THC. It's akin to wanting a salad but only receiving lettuce or ordering a cheeseburger and only eating the special sauce. To unlock the full potential of cannabis, one must embrace products that incorporate as many cannabinoids as possible – like having all the ingredients that make a salad or cheeseburger so flavorful.

Consistency is also key to experiencing the most relief from medical conditions. Just as blood pressure medications are taken daily to prevent high blood pressure, cannabis and cannabinoid medications can be used regularly to prevent problems and maintain consistent comfort throughout the day. By being proactive with their medical conditions, patients can effectively manage their conditions and help prevent symptoms.

Take chronic pain and PTSD, for example. CBD, one of the primary compounds in cannabis and hemp plants, has shown significant promise in reducing inflammation and associated pain, as well as alleviating anxiety symptoms, a critical component of PTSD. Full Spectrum CBD products, which contain numerous compounds found in the plant, offer the most comprehensive benefits. These products provide incredible anti-inflammatory effects, improved mental health, particularly reduced anxiety symptoms, and because of their low THC content (less than 0.3%), they do not cause psychoactivity, allowing patients to function normally. While THC works excellently in the evening or night to help patients relax and sleep.

Starting your cannabis treatment with a morning dose of 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD can be an excellent point of entry. Gradually increasing the dosage as needed after 10-14 days helps maintain a steady level of CBD in the body. Additionally, CBD can be taken every 6-8 hours as needed for better symptom management. High THC products can still be used during the day if the situation permits. For evening and nighttime use, higher THC products from dispensaries can continue to be utilized, as they are often best suited for promoting sleep.

When seeking high-quality CBD products, reputable websites and stores are the best places to explore.

While dispensaries offer many exceptional products, they typically do not carry Full Spectrum CBD products. Green Harvest Health Medicinals stands as the #1 Doctor Recommended CBD brand,

offering premium CBD products that can be conveniently purchased and shipped directly to you.

In conclusion, medical cannabis has the potential to unlock a world of relief for patients facing various medical challenges. By embracing the power of Full Spectrum CBD and incorporating consistency into your treatment, you can reclaim your wellness and experience the full range of benefits that medical cannabis has to offer.

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